21 things for 2018

It is officially the third month of 2018.  70-odd days deep in and I have built some brilliant foundations for how I want the rest of the year to pan out.  At the end of 2017, I created some January-June 2018 goals. However, after getting a serious feel for 2018, I have penned 21 mini-goals and things to be mindful about in the rest of the year.Below, I have detailed some things I would like to be mindful of/achieve in 2018. None of these are ‘specific goals that I really must do to keep my sanity afloat’, like my goal list, but things I would like to enrich my life positively in 2018.  They include reading more, eating fewer animal products and fighting my fears of the gym.

  1. Stay true to me.

Not long ago, I received a tiny brand deal that everyone said I should give the green light towards. They saw it as ‘the first baby step’ however, I see it clearly as a gallop in the incorrect direction.

Staying true to myself, spilling my true thoughts and writing about things I am ACTUALLY passionate about are my main priorities.  If that means I lose an opportunity then so be it.  If I am not happy then I cannot force myself to be. After a peak, there is always a trough, and after a trough, there is always a peak.  Ebb and flow. Some other phrases I cannot remember insert here, blah, blah, blah.

2)  Save money

3) Be more thoughtful

I got a diary for Christmas as I am the pinnacle of an organised mess.  In 2017 I leaned more towards just being a mess, rather than being an organised one, however, in 2018 I am determined to be the envy of all my friends.  The first ideal situation is that I become more thoughtful. I want to send people birthday cards, presents, letters of congrats and remember important dates to others, rather than just organising things around myself. 2018 will be the year caring Ella comes out of her little bubble of rotting selfishness.

(This was the most interesting week ever, right?)

4) Make more time for friends 

More organisation = more time.  This equation means more coffee dates, more boozy brunches, more chill-down time and many more summer adventures will be on the cards for 2018.  Not Ella, I repeat NOT finding excuses to be away from friends so that you may sit in bed listening to Nick Cave all day, okay?

5) Immerse myself in all things fashion – do not be scared to wear/be what/who I really want.

The photo below is a definite taking-the-Micheal outfit (I am dressed up as Cruella de Vil for Halloween) but I am kinda digging the getup in retrospect. That pearl and that jacket combo! Yes please, more of this E Scott, more, more, MORE.  Be adventurous, try new things and do not be scared to show off the real you.

6) Stop relying so much on spellcheck – learn to spell properly, woman!

7) Expand my vinyl collection

I have had my record player for four years gone this Christmas. In the space of four years, I am lucky if I even have twenty LP’s in my collection.  I have a HUGE list of albums that I shower with adoration on Spotify, so, this year, I am going to transfer my digital library into physicality.  Whether it be second-hand purchases from Vinyl Revival, charity shop cops or even Record Store Day 2018 – vinyl is on my shopping list.

8) Start learning a language – preferably Spanish, but I am not fussy.

Dualingo is about to become my best friend

(I am not apologising for the colour of my tea. Milky gang 4 life)

9) Travel outside of Europe

10) Fit into a 26” Jamie Topshop jean.

Obviously, I have specified Topshop as every clothing brand’s small/medium/large etc sizes are here, there and everywhere.  I currently wear a W28 L28 (even though the L28 fits me like a dream it is a ball-ache to find) and by the end of 2018, I would like to say I was a true W26 L28. It is the little things.  This is probably the shallowest attribute on this list, do not worry.

11) Stop being scared of the gym.  Period.

The gym is the place for women and the gym is the place for men. This is the case – do not let anyone who is parading around the weight section eying you up, or making horrific orgasmic grunts over on the deadlifts put you off or steal your mojo.  Last year I let this happen but this year – not a bloody chance.

This year, I want to be able to go to a gym, by myself, get changed, not feel self-conscious about working up a sweat, be able to work up a sweat AND even have a shower. The gym has never really been my priority because I have never found one I am that comfortable with but this year – this year I will stop being scared of the gym, and the swimming pool.

12) Eat less animal produce 

When I am living in Manchester, I find it very easy to do an ASDA food shop and buy vegetarian/vegan.  I have swapped out my Philadelphia for a vegan alternative, ditched the meat almost totally and Oat Milk is my babe with the power – at home, I am queen.

However, as soon as I step outside the door it is meat and fish central.  I do not seem to really care about the non-vegan cheese glob slopping across my pasta nor do I care that my trip to Fazenda will ultimately end with me eating the equivalent of a small mammal.

(me and my one true-loves; Crazy Pedro’s nacho pizza (v), cheaper-than-chips wine and my photographer, Jemma Tasker)

In 2018, I would like this to change. The first thing I need to do is educate myself (perhaps pick up some vegan cookbooks educating me on what I am putting in my mouth and why I shouldn’t… and surely the rest should unfold from there? GIVE ME TIPS PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET.

13) Audible the HELL out of my phone

I and my boyfriend share his Amazon Prime account so really… It would be rude not to utilise Audible, right?

14) Visit home more frequently

Home is Northumberland and in all honesty, as soon as I smell the aroma of Wavey Garms and Boddingtons in the air of the North West, I instantly forget how good home is. I only live a three-hour train ride from Northumberland and definitely, one of the things I need to do in 2018 is to visit much, much more often.

15) Learn to run properly – mental note: running down to the shop for a packet of biscuits does not count.

16) Have a serious stint at festival season

As a music writer, my voluntary job surprisingly consists of writing about music.  I find my best content comes from trooping around the country, reporting on festivals.  In 2017, I travelled to the Isle of Wight and Liverpool for festivals.  I have previously covered T in The Park as well as Latitude and, this year is the year of music festivals.  Remember 2) Save Money?  Well, you are looking at that motivation at 16.)

17) Start journaling / write a diary

18) Write a list of must-see, put-off television series’ & get through them

A full-time student, blogger, assistant editor and pro putter-offer needs down time too, you know?  Now I have raced through 15 series of Geordie Shore, I need other things to tickle my taste buds.

19) Have good university attendance (please Ella, do this for your future self)

20) Practice photography + editing

Something my blog really lacks is photography. Although I paste an abundance of photos on my blog, they are usually just fillers for blank space, and are more than likely taken from my Instagram feed.  I need to utilise both my blog photography and Instagram – keep content separate to a point.  I want to be able to use my little camera as well as being able to edit well, without just sliding bars on VSCO Cam.

21) Get a job I do not hate 

My history in the hospitality industry is VAST (from housekeeping to waitressing, from room service in swanky hotels to kitchen assistant – I have seemingly and accidentally done it all.). In 2017 I realised that I am a boss waitress but am more comfortable behind a bar (even though I scowl at people who order 5 cocktails in one go I ONLY HAVE 2 HANDS AND I AM A BIT SLOW OK?)  Due to understanding my worth in both of these roles, this year I am going to get a job in a beautiful place, with wonderful staff, where I would eat and bring my friends and think, you know what – I am proud to work here.

(Note: this is Evelyn’s, NQ.  I do not work here but the deco is major inspo. for the kind of joint I would like to work at, as well as what I want my home to look like. Also it is pretty and I like it)

While these 21 aspirations loosely match up with my genuine goals for 2018, these are just some of the things I am going to be mindful of this year. What has 2018 got in store?  At the moment, it is a fresh book, slowly-but-surely being written by a kitty pen and a sleepy girl. What are your 2018 goals?

As always,



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