An Alternative To Cows Milk

Cutting out the crap in your lifestyle is understatedly difficult.  With sweet morsels having a habit of tainting your streak of intuitive eating by peering out at you from their glass encasements, or that brilliant white, thick head plonked on a Pilsner from your local after-hours gaff; it is so easy to shy away from the pacts you made on Monday morning.  A sort-of goal I actually have managed to adhere too for once in my life is banishing the drinking of cows milk from my diet, thanks to Rebel Kitchen’s Skimmed Mylk and Alpro Oat.

I am a self-confessed failure when it comes to dieting. Changing-up lifestyle choices to form a ‘better me’ (E Scott II?) for future times does not really ever succeed.

“Hiya it’s just I; five years from this date in the realm of 2023. I am truly sorry about how much pigging out on loaded pizzas and electrifying gooey chocolate brownies you did when you were 21… It was good though, right?

Aside from my general failures in being ‘healthy’ dotting-out drinking cows milk is possibly my greatest feat.

A modern-day romance which began almost 2 years ago.  I was young and naive, pretending that my foul-tasting cuppas were perfect now I was using Alpro Almond Milk as an alternative.  In an aid to dampen my mark on the planet, made by supporting dairy industry, over the past couple of years, I have tried most of what the big named-brands of the alternative milk scene have to offer.  These offerings include – Dream’s Rice Milk, Califia Farms Almond Milk and Koko Coconut Milk to name a few.  Nothing, however, beats the precious nectar of Alpro Oat Milk when it comes to needing a good cuppa.

I cannot fathom why, but something about this drink is so comforting.  Perhaps because it is delightfully creamy and calms your system when tucking into a bowl of porridge (extra dollops of peanut butter and chocolate spread added for good measure, of course) or maybe because it is one of the few cows milk alternatives I have found that does not curdle tea.  It spins like a dream in my coffee-frothing machine and genuinely has a soft and subtle taste of oats – definitely not smack-your-lips-off strong.  I am very invested and I believe you should too.  This is my holy grail of alternative milk choices.

This is my ride or die: the be all end all of the non-cow killing milk.  However, despite my endless love and showering of adoration, there could be a new kid on the block, setting up camp for the fight of its life.   In the green corner, coming in at 1000ml is Rebel Kitchen’s Skimmed Mylk.

Rebel Kitchen is of raw coconut water and mini coconut milk fame. (PS. The coffee and chai flavours are what heaven tastes like.)  If you do not yet know then perhaps now is the time to take the plunge and immerse yourself in this dreamy brand.  I have been involved with Rebel Kitchen for some years now and yes, we are thinking of putting a ring on it, now that their range of full-sized’ Mylk as reached the shelves of Sainsbury’s.

Rebel Kitchen Mylk comes in three varieties: Whole Mylk, Skimmed Mylk and Semi-Skimmed Mylk.  This, obviously translates as the blue one, the green one and the red one for those of you who are yet to join the alternative realm of not drinking cows milk. Extraordinarily, the Mylk’s variating thicknesses almost directly relates to the colours of cows milk.  The green one actually has the same consistency levels of green milk!  Outstanding play by Rebel Kitchen and a serious game changer.

The consistency levels against the extremely subtle taste of coconuts – from the thick and creamy coconut cream – is definitely anything but overpowering.  The ingredients list also includes spring water, cashew nuts, Himalayan rock salt, brown rice and that good ol’ nutritional yeast.  Plant-based goodness which will see you radiating happiness from ear-to-ear.  This a litre of pure godlike brilliance.

This Skimmed Mylk is a winner and the answer to every skinny vanilla latte date and chocolate cereal bowl-craving that crawls out from under the sun.  A new staple to not only my fridge but to my life.

I must say though, that the Skimmed Mylk does not work its magic in my cups of tea at the moment (I am still set on my Alpro Oat) but perhaps the blue-capped carton will make me whole again?  Or perhaps the red carton is what I am missing from my life?

Let us all investigate further and give Rebel Kitchen Mylk the green light, baby.  And, let us not forget about Alpro’s Oat milk goodness too!  Please let me know your experiences with the Rebel Kitchen brand, why you love it or and whether this post has coaxed you into trying something different in your morning coffee.


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