clothes: three outfits, three days

I am obsessed with scrolling through my Instagram feed, (probably while munching on pesto pasta with my hair scraped back, wearing one of my numerous sausage dog nighties,) saving photos of my favourite bloggers out on the street who are really inspiring me to be bold with my choice of clothing. I am still finding my fashion blogging feet but, baby steps – I will get there.

In general, I love my wardrobe. I have waves of new-pieces always sweeping in, allowing me to spruce up my favourite outfits, and I always feel good about what I wear. Even when I am moping around the house studying or reading towards my degree I almost always get dressed (apart from today, I am wearing a pair of men’s muppets pjs – not that I am embarrassed) and experiment with styles and various flattering silhouettes.

For my first real fashion blog post, I thought I would kick things off simply, and document some outfits I have been instantly turning to the past couple of weeks.  I have given each of these three ensembles a ‘situation name’ – ‘the long library slog’, ‘the Northern Quarter night out’ and ‘the errand-running coffee catch-up’.  Although these are just placement names, I would wear any of these outfits in any of these situations with slight switches of heels for Dr Martens and vice versa.

Outfit 0001: The Long Library Slog

My university library is either the Antarctic or a sauna – there is no in-between due to ongoing renovations.  As a place I tend to spend much of my spare time in fretting about deadlines and making notes on various works of fiction – I like my outfits to reflect how I want to feel: calm.  I do not really fancy worrying whether my hair looks greasy or frustrated that I cannot sit cross-legged on a chair due to wearing a dress and tights. I want comfort but to also feel as if I am not a total mess.

This ‘long library slog’ outfit screams comfort and style being sliced together rather than pitted against one another.  As a true Topshop princess (sadly, I am not a rockstar too) I have teemed this petite checked pinafore dress with a pair of bleached mom jeans.  Underneath the pinafore is also a basic Misguided black mesh top.

The jeans-and-dress look is definitely something I firmly believe in and am hoping to bring back in a big way in 2018.  I am one of those weirdos that love lounging in jeans, so this outfit is definitely comfort-orientated… Unless my jeans have just been washed – that is a whole different story.

As I said, sometimes the library is bloody freezing, not to mention I physically have to walk about 45 minutes to get there (me? Walk? Excuse me?) so I have added some extra layers to my outfit.  These include my Fred Perry navy Harrington jacket, vintage Burberry scarf and not forgetting my trust Carhart beanie – perfect for any bad hair day.

On my feet, I have a pair of trusty rusty sparkly socks (just cos’ Christmas was last year, does not mean I am ready to give up the sparkles!) and my worn-out, bruised and battered blue Nikes. I picked these bad boys up in London two winters ago and they have never strayed far from my feet. My constant wear is probably the reason they find themselves in the washing machine every couple of weeks, and have almost completely broken down. Just because they are decaying does not mean they deserve to be loved any less, right?

Topshop Petite Checked A-Line Pinafore Dress – click here
Topshop Bleached Mom Jeans – click here
Missguided Petite Black Mesh T-Shirt – click here
Fred Perry Reissues Made In England Navy Harrington – click here
Carhart Black Beanie – click here
Burberry Scarf (similar) – click here
Blue Nikes – unavailable 

Outfit 0002: The errand-running coffee shop catch-up

If anybody tells you a girl’s best friend is a diamond then they are lying through their teeth: it is layering. Think of that summer wrap top that hangs limply at the back of your wardrobe which you only wear when the sun is dazzling. Think of that spaghetti strap slip dress you have been dying to wear in warmer weather.  I am telling you, layering will banish your strict seasonal rules, not to mention keep you warm as the UK’s spring rapidly approaches.

For this outfit, I have kept my layering to just two pieces, with an iridescent, peach mesh t-shirt from Light Before Dark via Urban Outfitters, over a metallic, long-sleeved roll neck by Cheap Monday. I absolutely love the clashing colours of peach and grey, as well as how the light takes to both the t-shirt and roll neck – making them a serious match made in heaven.  I also shower adorations upon roll necks; they are so flattering for girls with super round faces like my own and give that slight edge of ingenious to any outfit.

With the tops doing the serious damage, I have opted for a simple PU leather skirt with fake zip pockets (damn you fake pockets, how many times have I dropped my phone on the floor because of you?) from H&M as well as an orange pair of sparkly New Look socks and my red Nike Cortez.

An easy outfit to bomb around town in, run up and down the stairs taking the bins out or just to sit comfortably in a coffee shop (or a bar) with a laptop blogging your little life away. Maybe stick some sparkly fishnets and a light Levis denim jacket on to radiate ultimate effortless.

Light Before Dark t-shirt (similar) – click here
Cheap Monday Metallic Roll Neck – unavailable) 
H&M PU faux leather skirt (similar) – click here
Nike Cortez – click here

Outfit 0003: The Northern Quarter night out

Ella, would you really wear a fluorescent Ellesse tank-top on a night out in NQ?’

Hell YES sister and I would add a statement shirt, sparkly spotty tights, a pastel yellow skirt and some killer heels with bees on too… Do you have any more questions?

The key to enjoying your night out is

1) unlimited tequila shots
2) feeling sophisticated, comfortable and badass in your outfit.

As NQ in Manchester is not like Newcastle’s Diamond Strip or Deansgate Locks – anything goes as long as you look smart and do not end up in a brawl outside of Twenty Two Twenty Two’s.  Ellesse is a brand I have always been head-over-heels for, and at any opportunity, I will showcase how casual day pieces can be dressed up in the nighttime.

The mismatched attributes are what make my casual, classy night out outfit work. We first have the statement cream Zara shirt, open but tucked into the Topshop skirt that screams summer, so that the Ellesse pink and orange tank-top can be viewed in full glory and do the talking (if I put my mane away that is.) Underneath my Rapunzel hair is my sacred Return to Tiffany & Co oval charm choker necklace.

Moving further down I have some fabulous, barely-sparkly tights with large black polka dots from Calzadonia and my trusty Topshop bee heels to finish the look. It is mismatched; it is casual and it can be dressed up or down with simply a different pair of shoes.

Of the three looks, my Northern Quarter night out takes the prize for my favourite, as well as most obscure. An NQ night always ends up with me chugging pints in G-A-Y so  I will remember to bring my trainers in my bag.

Zara shirt – unavailable 
Vintage Ellesse tank-top – unavailable 
Topshop yellow skirt – click here
Calzendonia sparkly tights (similar) – click here
Topshop Bee Heels (so close to selling out) – click here

So from those three outfits, you have been given an introduction into both my wardrobe, my style and how I feel about clashing and layering (I think they are simply great if you had not guessed). Which outfit do you reckon you would rock?  Or how would you rework them?

Love, as always,

Ells x

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