5 alternative facts about me

Inspired by the recent Instagram stories trend flitting around, where bloggers are sharing their five widely-unknown facts about themselves, I thought I would give it a go myself.  Although I always ramble on about what I am lusting after or what I would not spit on if it was on fire (pulled pork, seriously – ew) – I rarely talk about my personal experiences in life which I keep private. So, 5 facts –

1) Every big life decision has a foundation in tarot cards

There is something I find comforting about using tarot cards to spell out the outline of my future. By the term ‘future’, I mean at most a month or two ahead (or perhaps 12 months using the Yearly Spread) we are not talking planning when I am getting married, or getting a sausage dog… I am not that extreme (yet.)

If I am stuck in a situation which I see no escape from, or if I am stitched into a room where both doors lead to my doom, getting some clarity from an external source and highlighting various other hidden paths that can be followed by the use of tarot cards, really helps my overall state of mind and situational view.

Honestly, almost every big decision I have had to make has had a foundation in tarot cards. They are my base and speak true truths.  If you would like more information on what they do or why I brownnose them so much – I am going to do a tarot card series on the blog (if there is some interest of course!)

2) My favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Coincidently, my favourite book is also the book I struggle the most to read. Typical is it not?  I find Wuthering Heights to be such an enchanting story and have been obsessed with it for longer than I dare to remember. My old school friend, Yasmin, bought me a hardback copy for my fifteenth birthday, the same year my mom bought me a clothed version of the novel.  Since receiving both my world has been enriched beyond comparison.

“I cannot live without my life!  I cannot live without my soul!”

My high school drama collective put on a phenomenally empowering and morbid version of events at our local Playhouse some years ago (I cried my eyes out FYI) and I have seen the Tom Hardy drama version (aired on ITV) more times than I have had mash and gravy on a Sunday.  To note, I definitely prefer the Charlotte Riley (Peaky Blinders) and Tom Hardy ‘Wuthering Heights’ to the Kyla Scodelario reboot, where the former Skins and Maze Runner stars.  This preference is only justified due to the former filling my book-created expectations of events and character descriptions more than the latter.   But, just personal preference.

The story of Wuthering Heights itself is timeless.  An outcast from society falls in love with his childhood companion at a premature age. The woman becomes unobtainable to the Byronic male, and the twisted events that follow derive from eerie obsession and tainted lust.  The classic gothic novel.

I have not got a copy of this to hand (I have lent both out to pass on the power of Bronte) which is unfortunate as I cannot show you the specific covers I have in my possession, but I will leave links to both below.

But honestly, when Heathcliff digs up Cathy’s grave and sleeps with her skeleton, the CHILLS I tell you, the CHILLS.

Clothed version – here
Alternative I also own – here
Version I have my eye on – here

3) I am allergic to Chinese/Thai food 

Imagine going to Thakihun in Spinningfields and being scared to order anything other than a cocktail from the menu. Or, worse, when all your mates decide to order hoards of food from the Chinese takeaway and you have to play it safe with curry sauce and chips. The worst thing about having an allergy to a Chinese takeaway is that I do not know what part of it I am actually allergic too.  Is it oil?  Is it certain foods?  I have no idea.

When I go to festivals, the noodle bar is ALWAYS appealing. Yet, after I fail to control my cravings, I feel physically nauseous for the near future duration of time.

Honestly, it SUCKS, but more excuses to have chippy teas… and honestly, what is better than a battered sausage in your gob?

4) I hate talking about my profession in front of people.  Like physically squirm away from the conversation.

Let us get this straight in my head.

1) I am a writer.

2) I am a student.

3) I have a history of the hospitality industry.

1,2,3 is the order I should talk about myself in, however, I mainly leave number 1 off the list.  I should pronounce myself a writer for the world to hear, scream it from the top of the mountains (or at least Cloud 23) and show anybody who can read what I can do.  I should, but I do not.  I am not embarrassed that I write words on the internet, but honestly talking about it makes me squirm in my seat.

5) I have been on one night out in Newcastle in my whole life.

I am very proud to be a Geordie Girl, a Vicky-Pattinson-with-a-VIP-edge wannabee and will tell anybody who says hello that I am proud to be born on (near) the banks of the infamous River Tyne. I lived in the city for the first 13 years of my life and have so many happy memories of the city.  However, ask me about the nightlife (like so many of you do) and I will lie and say the Diamond Strip is fantastic, and that Digi Mondays are not as bad as you would think.

Emphasis on the word ‘lie’.  I have been on one proper night out in Newcastle – ever.

(Photos from the said 1 night out)

I was eighteen, two weeks away from moving down to Manchester for university and me and my gal pals – called the ‘femanterlopes (do not ask) – decided we would go out with a bang in Newcastle.  We stayed in a dingy little hostel and I might have drunk too much Captain Morgans’ Spiced Rum for my own good.  I ended up crying my eyes out being piggybacked to Maccies, ordering burgers for everyone in my party.

Bad times, fabulous memories. But if anybody asks; Newcastle is such a good night out and yes, it is exactly like it is on Geordie Shore – I promise….

5  facts about myself, and not ones I talk about that often… Do not let me gush about Wuthering Heights with a free reign again, I tell you!  I found this way tougher than I expected but hopefully, I have given you a bit of an insight into how I function as a particular human being. And, do not worry, I am still reeling at the fact I am allergic to Chinese food too.

Ells x

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