music: ‘beehive’ gaffa tape sandy

Honestly, have you heard a better band name currently circulating the indie music blogs of the internet or darting off the tongues of music moguls, then Gaffa Tape Sandy?

Their name is as cutthroat as their sound and their sound is as rough and gruff as you can imagine a band named Gaffa Tape Sandy would be.

They are a three-piece from Bury Saint Edmunds in Suffolk but their American twang, their jangly garage riffs, and overall still-wet-behind-the-ears DIY atmosphere screams the big-time.  Say your goodbyes to Suffolk guys, the renowned venues in the big smoke and those across the pond are howling your name.

To introduce you into the boisterous world of Gaffa Tape Sandy, BBC Introducing has kindly recorded an electrifying live version of the bands’ track ‘Beehive’, from that little festival down South called Glastonbury.

If you are sold on a band live then you don’t even need to hear them recorded.  Side-splitting vocal harmonies contrasting against each other create a sense of chemistry on stage.  The classic lead guitar, bass, and drums combination have been molded to sound like a collective, rather than solo attributes adding to the band.

Taking these two elements of Gaffa Tape Sandy allows you an insight into what they sound like.  Not who they are, not what they do, not what they are interested in: what they sound like.  They breathe life into the idea of being a band – not three solo artists up on stage together. They are the brash Gaffa Tape Sandy, not just three friends who thought it would be cool to make a band in 2015.

You sense this detailed idea immediately in the introduction to ‘Beehive’.  The drummer timely chimes the symbol, the bass player follows the lead guitar and the lead guitar lends itself to the drummer to keep time. The track is then enhanced by the lead singers vocal, another layer to this well-oiled machine.  The foundations are set and sturdy. 48 seconds in we see the cogs of Gaffa Tape Sandy spin: the raucous noise takes over and we immerse ourselves in this pleasurable experience.  We burst with excitement.

‘Beehive’ is set to be Gaffa Tape Sandy’s next single.  What this means is that ears of the world are about to be flung open and this three-piece are about to have an almighty boost. Catch them now while you still can.

Listen to ‘Beehive’ below.

Ella Scott

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