music: songs of the week #1

Blackwaters – Down

The Luka State – 30 Minute Break
* This song is actually from 2014 (late to The Luka State-party) but since I discovered them at Isle Of Wight Festival 2017 this track has been on R E P E A T

The Horrors – Machine

Taylor Swift – Better Than Revenge

*Taylor Swift putting her entire discography back on Spotify is probably my worst/best nightmare, ever.  Now, go in the corner and think about what you did to me, Spotify.

Liam Gallagher – Wall of Glass

Touts – Political People

*Since I went to Liverpool Sound City I have been o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with these three lads.  Phil Taggert’s one-to-watch, Touts have got it seriously going on.  If you’re Manchester-based, they’re performing at Gorilla with Proletariat on July 7. Get on this tickets now.

BETSY – Little White Lies

*A concoction of Clare Maguire and Cher hurt nobody, did it?  BETSY still remains one of my favourite rising females in the pop world, and ‘Little White Lies’ seriously does not disappoint.

The Pale White – Turn It Around
* Any band with a decent setup, raucous tunes AND from my hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne gets a green tick against them where I’m concerned. I am utterly in awe of these lads, and you should be too.

Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo

RAY BLK – Doing Me
*Girl making me feel good for eating bagels in lounge pants and binge-watching past Smiths concerts instead of going out in the world and specialising in making friends… That is what I tell myself anyways

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