Review: V-rev, Manchester


So, my new year’s resolution of sticking to vegetarianism/transitioning to veganism might have become a little bit misty (bacon, it’s ALL your fault!) but there’s a one-stop-restaurant proven* to: boost your confidence of being able to eat super tasty and tantalising vegan food while still feeling you’re not missing out on meat at all.  Hi V-Rev, just take ALL of my money, please.

Situated on 20-26 Edge Street, in Manchester’s thriving Northern Quarter, V-Rev sits with its colourfully quirky interior and seriously good food menu.  Boasting the ideology of serving good grub made of “all plants, no pain”, V-Rev – formerly V Revolution – is serving food from Tuesday to Sunday, every week, from 11am to 11pm.  There’s always time for a slice of vegan heaven.

The food menu itself is extremely diverse hosting items such as: ‘Macaroni & Michele’s High School Reunion’ (Beefy patty; mac n cheez; chipotle cola bbq sauce and pickles) £8.25; Lobsta Salad (Lobsta in herb mayo; baecon; ice gem lettuce and tomato) £7.25 and Vietnamese Fries (Fries; Sriracha Mayo; Hoisin Sauce; Crushed Peanut and Coriander) £3.25.

Following on from food, if you’re fancying an evening bevy or a boozy lunch then V-Rev is the answer.  Offering a host of: IPA’s such as Mad Hatter RedXRum £4.50; Cocktails like Srira-Cha Cha Slide (What a name!!) ; £6.00 and enough red, white and rose wine to shake a stick at, there seriously is something for everybody to wrap their lips around.

If you’re not into having a drink however, their soft drink range is also extremely extensive.  Me and my boyfriend, Matty, both played it safe and opted for Fevertree Ginger Beer however, we’ve pinky promised we’ll have a swig of the Strawberry Creamsicle Milkshake £4.25, next time NEXT TIME.

Our service was efficient and friendly and within no time we were sipping and supping.  My main event consisted of: the Hell-vis Presley (Beefy patty; cheez; baecon; peanut butter; banana; pickles and baeconnaise) £8.25 with a side of hands-down-the-best-ever Mac & cheez (Rice macaroni with cheez sauce) £2.95.  B-E-AUUUUUTIFUL food, I couldn’t even fault the taste if I tried.

Matty went for the classically named Barbecute Without the ‘E’ £8.95 (Beef patty; cheez; pulled porq; chipotle cola bbq sauce; coleslaw and onion rings) and mouth-watering Chilli Bowl  (Smoky chipotle; beefy mince and three bean chilli) £2.25.

While my burger tasted brilliant and was smothered in thick peanut butter, the presentation in the ‘Almost Famous’ plastic basket really devalued the food for myself.  Sauce from my burger leaked through the holes where the paper wasn’t placed properly, as well as my mustard making a HUGE mess on the table.  I just don’t believe that the plastic dish fitted in with V-Rev’s cool, slick and sophisticated vibe.  Is it just me?

Apart from the above however, the food, service, deco and overall feel of V-Rev itself was brilliant.  A restaurant definitely worth the hype and 100% worth scoping out for your fix of vegan R&R, V-Rev is a brilliant edition to any Manchester foodies artillery.


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