Review: Koffee Pot, Manchester

Bored of Spoons’ below-par ‘big breakfasts’ and tired of paying a whopping 25 squids for a Black Dog Ballroom Bottomless Brunch? (all the b’s, b, b, b)  The answer to your basic brekkie requirements lay at Koffee Pot, the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The wicked restaurant, decked out in a cool seventies-meets-modern-day vibe, has an enormous cult following in Manchester due to: its classic no-fuss, no thrills menu, its enthusiastic staff and the restaurant taking into consideration and catering for the needs of the ever-growing vegetarian and vegan community.

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As I wasn’t feeling as greedy as usual (food, you are seriously my one true love) and as I am trying to transition into being vegan (I just can’t give up the poached eggs and avocado!!) I opted for the hearty, v-friendly breakfast.  Paying just a measly £8, a price just a tad more than that Fallowfield eatery’s ‘vegetarian large breakfast’, my Vegan brekkie consisted of:

  • 2 scrumptious veggie sausages, jam packed with tasty vegetables. Linda McCartney, who?
  • A little portion of baked beans
  • Pan-fried, succulent mushrooms. Literally melt-in-the-mouth, Koffee Pot mushrooms are DA BOMB
  • Large hash brown
  • Spinach – probably the only downside to the Vegan brekkie is the spinach. Slightly overcooked and something I personally, just don’t enjoy.  Wack it in a smoothie so I can’t taste it then brilliant.  Otherwise, not so much.  I’m still getting to grips with this ‘go green’.
  • Grilled tomatoes
  • I also opted for the upgrade of a potato cake, which was only an extra quid. Absolutely scrumptious!

Each breakfast also comes with two slices of toast and butter (or sourdough if you’re feeling fancaaay) and a builders brew (mine was soya).  Even though I forgot that Vegans don’t eat butter, the Koffee Pot kitchen didn’t.  The toast was brought out already buttered with soya spread, which I thought was so wonderful.  They really did cover every single bloody base.  Hats off to you guys!

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Koffee Pot isn’t just for vegans and vegetarians, obviously, and it isn’t just for breakfast and brunch.  Their vast menu includes SO MUCH CHOICE, gimmie all the foods!! Shakshouka – Baked eggs in tomato sauce with sprinkled feta cheese (£6.50), KP Salt Beef Bagel (£6), Streaky Bacon-topped Buttermilk Pancakes (£6.50-£8) and so much more.

Sticking to the meat game, my brunching partner of-the-afternoon and boyfriend, Matty, opted for Koffee Pot-favourite, The Floppers.  The original dish, priced at £14.50, includes:

  • 2 sausages
  • 4 streaks of bacon
  • 2 fried eggs
  • A portion of haggis
  • A portion of baked beans
  • Both white and black pudding pieces
  • KP-classic mushrooms
  • A potato cake
  • Spam
  • Grilled tomatoes
  • 2 hash browns.


Having an awkward taste pallet, we were graciously allowed to swap both the white and black puddings, spam and beans for an extra sausage, two rashers of bacon and an extra potato cake.  It was lovely that Koffee Pot would allow The Floppers to be customised to the extent of essentially changing main components of the dish, without making any kind of fuss about it too.  On top of the already vast amount of food, the breakfast came with two slices of toast and a builders brew too… I had two cups of tea in the space of maybes fifteen minutes?  Nice swan, Ella.

The entire experience was definitely excellent value for money and insanely tasty, my tastebuds have been tantalised and I am forever now craving the taste of Koffee Pot.  Until next time, KP, where I will get a few beers in me, some falafel and maybe even some cake!


E x


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