Review: Alabamas, Manchester

There is honestly nothing better than sinking your teeth into something naughty to spice up your Sunday, banish your self-induced wine-attack or just to put a stopper on the bottle of blues you’ve been feeling all week.  Be warned though: a sweet tooth is definitely necessary where a visit to hidden Northern Quarter restaurant, Alabama’s All American Eatery is concerned.

A spur-of-the-moment lunch date decision between me and my boyfriend left me racing around my flat trying to make my face less orange (less bronze more highlight next time, Ells) while simultaneously trying to find my keys as well as not be late for the tram.  Phew.  We decided to treat ourselves (not that my body needs any more treats right now, hallo winter podge) and since I’ve been keen to check out Alabama’s for awhile, we sealed our destiny.

The ‘All American Eatery’, tucked away on NQ’s Newton Street (where swanky new bar Jimmy’s has just launched FYI) is open every single day from 9am, closing at 5:30pm on weekdays and 7:30pm on the weekends.  Be warned: the kitchen closes just thirty minutes before they do!

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We were greeted by a lovely member of staff who told us it would be just under a half-hour wait for a table.  It’s Northern Quarter; it’s lunch time on a Saturday at Christmas time… You have gotta bide your time for some killer food.  Ravenous, we agreed to add our name to the thirty minute waiting list.

Upon arriving back at Alabama’s we were kindly seated at a table in the window and were waited on almost immediately – one of the waitresses dropping off complimentary glasses of water.  A simple gesture with full effect – I’m an easily pleased gal and just a glass of water and some acknowledgment and light conversation was marvellous.   Throughout the meal we seriously couldn’t fault the staff.  Nice one gals and guys!

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Me and Matty, my boyfriend, decided to loosen our belts and dive into a chocolate and a peanut butter milkshake.  These were an absolute beauty to behold.  Creamy and intense – my shake was rich with smooth peanut butter and topped with whipped cream and finished with a digestive biscuit.  I’m an absolute sucker for a biccy or ten so the topping definitely didn’t go amiss!  I would say however if you’re opting for a food option also (like us) go for something a bit softer to quench your thirst as these milkshakes are S O  T H I C K!

For the main attraction, our food choices consisted of a veggie version of the menu’s Mac & Cheese for me, and the big Steak Breakfast for the lad in the corner.  The original Mac & Cheese comes with ham hock and bacon bits, but I opted for the plain mac & cheese with truffle oil instead.  Meat was on the cards on the opposite end  with the dish consisting of: medium cooked (which was actually well-done) steak, sausage patty, grilled bacon, two fried eggs, pan fried potato slices and half a New York bagel.  Damn, boy!


The food itself was simply stunning however there were a few little niggles.  As mentioned, Matty’s steak was slightly more overcooked than he had asked for, the pan fried potato slices were dripping with oil and he said his eggs were just a bit overdone.  However I couldn’t fault my own dish.  A quaint mac & cheese dish made with real, strong cheese which left a delightful taste in the mouth. Simplicity is key here.  Proper, northern comfort food… Is there really anything better?

Upon returning, I’d love to try out some of Alabama’s cocktails on offer (sign me up for the New York Sour and Breakfast Martini please) as well as some of their sandwiches (the Veggie Stack has ‘ELLA SCOTT’ written alllll over it) on offer.

If you’re looking for somewhere quirky with real good, fill-your-jeans food, then Alabama’s is your one-stop-shop.

E x

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