Products | Lights4Fun Fairy Lights Review #lovemylights

How do you instantly brighten up your home, send a warm vibe running throughout and make a room look insanely pretty? Fairy Lights of course, duh.

So, I’ve recently just moved into a new flat along the canal in Castlefield, Manchester and, although beautiful, it needs some serious TLC. Although it’s ridiculously spacious and the set up is right up my street, it’s a little well-worn for my liking, however, it’s nothing a lick of paint and some love can’t change, right? One of the ways I’ve made this flat feel like home is through stringing up some Lights4fun Plug In Fairy Lights.

If you haven’t heard of Lights4fun then where have you been? They have an online superstore of a variety of fairy lights, Festoon lights, Firefly Bell Jars and basically just loads of really, really cool stuff. My little mitts wanted it all however, I played it safe and got two boxes of the Plug In 40 Fairy Lights in Warm White.

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As you can see from the pictures they are so pretty! The colour isn’t too garish but instead it’s inviting and neutral, perfect for a calming, relaxing bedroom setting. There are forty LED lights on each 3m lead wire meaning, that with two, I have 80 sparkling bubbles of light around my window and above my bed.

I’m ordered these fairy lights via Amazon however you can also order them from their official website. The link will be at the bottom of this piece. I’m definitely planning on getting some more, I’m eyeing up the Amber Sunflower LED lights and the 16 piece Warm White LED Rattan Ball Wicker Fairy Lights for my next purchase… There’s never too many fairy lights up, is there?

They were so easy to put up – I bought some basic drawing pins and hi the wires behind my wall hangings. Easy peasy.

If you’ve purchased lights from Lights4Fun share your pictures with the #lovemylights hashtag via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest!

Ciao for now,

Ella Scott


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