Review: Fat Hippo Underground, Newcastle

2016-07-11 14.16.052016-07-11 14.16.252016-07-11 14.15.37It’s a scorching hot afternoon in Newcastle Upon-Tyne.  The sun is high in the sky, The Pitcher and Piano is chocker with cheeky lunchtime cocktailers and Gucci sunglasses aren’t just a cloudy day statement.  On an afternoon like this, where do you go when you’re feeling a bit peckish*? (*totally ready to rip off and eat Geordie limbs) Why, an Undergound burger joint of course!

Say hello to exposed brick walls, wooden benches and food on red tin trays, Fat Hippo Underground, situated on Shakespeare Street, is the perfect out-of-the-box burger restaurant which you definitely need in your life. Like, right now.

The gimmick is that it’s underground (get it?) making it rediculously trendy.  Throw in the tailored inteior design as well as an extesive burger menu and we’re onto a fool proof winner.

As you walk down the stairs you’re greeted by a member of staff who will show you to your table, either taking you into the left room, or the right room.  Both carry a bustling, friendly atmosphere making Fat Hippo Underground feel like home. Me and Matt got a table right next to the bar on the left, meaning our Old Mout Kiwi & Lime Cider and Strawberry Milkshake were delivered instantly.  Three guesses on who opted for the alcoholic drink… Woopsys.

Food-wise, my jaw was on the floor. I wanted everything. The menu at Fat Hippo is so vast it’s seriously impossible to choose which morsel will have the honour of entering your mouth first.

Starter-wise, there’s Deep Fried Gherkins (£4) which come with delicious garlic mayo, Chilli Cheese Nachos (£8) (which can also double up as a vegetarian option) and the way to my heart – deep fried Mac n’ Cheese Balls (£4). I of course, went for the latter – which came accompanied by Alabama White BBQ sauce – while Matt went for ‘Freddie’s Fingers’ (£5) (uh-oh), a collection of southern friend chicken strips with buffalo hot sauce.  Absolutley delicious, resonably priced and just the right portion size. My appetite was seriously wetted.

2016-07-08 14.26.05 2016-07-08 14.40.562016-07-11 14.17.40The main course menu (not including the Kids / lunch menu) consists of: nine varieties of beef burgers, five chicken burger options and three specified veggie burgers   How. To. Choose.  I was torn between the PB&J beef buger (Double 4oz patty topped with: chunky peanut butter, cheese and homemade bacon jam) and Hangover III (Breaded chicken, with streaky bacon, cheese and bbq sauce).  Both being priced at £9.50 it was a tough call, but I evenntually went for the Hangover III.  Matt decided on the signature Fat Hippo burger (Double 4oz patty, topped with streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese, onion rings and fat hippo sauce). A definite one for meat-lovers.

Main courses were all we could have asked for and more. My Hangover III  – which sadly defeated me – came in a ciabatta bun and was beautifully garnished with tomatoes and gherkins, alongside a pot of salty french fries.  Brilliantly breaded, succulent chicken doused in bbq sauce, topped with melted cheese wrapped in streaky bacon.  I was in food-coma heaven.  This is what love feels like people.

After getting our bill from the wonderful man who served us all afternoon, we paid just shy of £40 for: an alcoholic drink, a milkshake, two large starters and two GIGANTIC burgers.  Service, setting and the overall experience of Fat Hippo Underground was fantastic.  I personally can’t wait to return… But maybe next time I should wear pants with a bit more elastic.

Ell xx

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