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So here’s the deal. It’s June 22nd. I’m on t-minus 50 days until me and my boyfriend jet set off to Barcelona for four nights. However, more importantly – it’s 49 days until I have to put a bikini on. 50 days seems like a lot of time in my mind but realistically, I finished my first year of university over a month ago, and it seems like I’ve been home-home for 10 minutes.  And what have I achieved? Natta. I have 49 days to feel and breath the health I want. So what have I done today? I went to the gym.

On a regular week when I am at home, I have good weeks and I have ridiculously bad weeks. Sometimes I’ll make my local gym and swimming pool a makeshift home, having regular elongated stints maybes 5/6 times a week. Others…The thought of the word ‘gym’ scares me and then what do you know, I haven’t been in a fortnight but managed to eat three jars of peanut butter instead. Woops.

The main reason I occasionally loath going to the gym, is because I want to mix up my routine, but I won’t let myself learn. I’m not very confident when it comes to trying out new things, I hate learning from scratch purely incase other people surrounding me think I look like a fool. I am trying to understand that at the gym, it’s okay to look like a fool, and it’s okay to ask for help to learn how to do a movement properly. However I have always struggled with not being able to do things straight off. Hence why I have forever avoided the weights section of the gym.


So anyways enough of my moaning and back to Barcelona. It’s unrealistic to think I can be a tanned and toned goddess in 50 days, but I can at least try to battle my demons and basically start loving myself. So welcome to a beginner’s guide to getting fit.

I’m still going to keep up my cardio routine at the gym and my  swimming, however I am going to attempt to incorporate weights into my program. I’m going to actually muster up the courage and USE the weights at the gym. If you’ve got it flaunt it, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

50 days and counting. If you have any tips, websites or videos which will help me on my quest to becoming (Slightly) more toned in 50 days, or have any must-see places I can visit in Barcelona, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ell x


One thought on “Lifestyle | My ‘Barcelona Body’

  1. Best of luck, stay focussed and you’ll do it 🙂 If it’s weight loss you’re after your main focus should be food (keep a food diary you’ll be more accountable…every bite!). But if it’s more getting fitter and toning then make it fun and try to do something every day (yoga videos, hillwalking, bodyweight exercises or try a new gym class for the first time sometimes scary but you never work as hard as in front of an instructor shouting at you!)xx

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