music: sinner of the week, daniel wilson

Who doesn’t like a bit of cheesy, 80’s pop-influenced electronic dabbling? We do, we do! We’ve previously featured the funky sounds of Daniel Wilson before on Cigarette Sounds, making him officially ‘Cigarette Sounds championed’… Does that have a contagious ring to it?

Prince might be dead, but a rejuvenated, modernised version of his soul lives and breathes inside of Daniel Wilson. The proof? The funky new single to air from Wilson, entitled ‘Sinner Of The Week’. Driven by a soulful vocal and a piercing progressive beat – Wilson has created the ultimate hatchback-down, wind-through-your-hair driving through LA looking at palm trees soundtrack. Although for me, it is currently soundtracking a miserable day in Northumberland… But this music can transport me anywhere.

Impossibly brilliant to groove and grind too, Wilson’s ‘Sinner Of The Week’ makes him a true contender for the electronic pop throne. Move over world, there’s a new Prince in town. “The old gods have packed up and retreated, while the new ones poise and prepare to take their seats. Daniel Wilson is a to-be great. Mark our words.

‘Sinner Of The Week’ is taken from Daniel Wilson’s latest EP, Wedding Daze EP. You gotta buy an album to listen to ‘Sinner Of The Week’ so, as a taster to convince you Wilson’s EP is worth the hype, have a listen to ‘Wedding Daze’, a previous Cigarette Sounds’ Track Of The Week.

Get yo groove on!

Ell Scott x

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