music: on your heels, gold jacks

Manchester hasn’t got the reputation as being the hub of UK music for no reason. It’s honed, homed and crafted some of the globes most celebrated and renowned artists, and is always spurting out acts grabbing for gold and achieving iconic status. Manchester is music: there’s no arguing.

The newest band to appear from the city, cracking the whip and mixing up their own innovative batch of groovy, garage-indie are Gold Jacks, a swarm of lads who’s originality has already been positively praised by the likes of Q Magazine.

Raucous riffs with an sleazy, eerie edge, complimented by the sultry vocals of frontman Stewart Burns – we’re onto a concoction of pure beauty here. This is ‘On Your Heels’, the latest track to come from Gold Jacks, a band dubbed as the coolest quartet to come out of this generations Manchester music scene. One spin of ‘On Your Heels’ will send you into a fevered frenzy. Believe the hype.

Recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, ‘On Your Heels’ is a moreish taster of what Gold Jacks are all about. Dark, sexy and oh-so brilliant – ‘On Your Heels’ has the potential to become the soundtrack of your Saturday night in 42’s and perhaps even give ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ a run for its money.


Gold Jacks are the ones for 2016. Listen to ‘On Your Heels’ below.

Ella Scott

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