Music | Down Again by Isak’s Island

Stepping out into a sleepy sunrise, or perching yourself on the closure of the day – the buttery vocal and minimalistic guitar residing on ‘Down Again’, the new single from London’s Isak’s Island, will sink your mind into tranquility, transporting you to dreamland.

The mysterious Isak’s Island is a London-based folk singer, who holds melancholic simplicity and powerful emotion at the heart of his hand-written songs. ‘Down Again’, a two minute thirty-eight shimmer of soft light, is the latest sound to ebb out into the atmosphere.

Opening with a series of springtime-channeling guitar riffs, ‘Down Again’ keeps similar pace and sound throughout the whole, allowing the listeners mind to take a lethargic loop around the block. Enhanced by the tantalisingly rich voice of Isak’s Island, ‘Down Again’ is an excitingly easy listen. The blissful accompaniment to tiredness.

Pretty and perfect for the relaxing springtime, Isak’s Island’s ‘Down Again’ is a sure glimmer of this artists folk-driven future.

Ella Scott

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