Music | KAYA by Miles from Kinshasa

The ethereal world of mysterious Congo-born, South-London-based, Miles from Kinshasa, is slowly (but surely) revealing its secrets.  Piece by piece, the puzzle is beginning to take shape and, with the artist’s melancholy offering, ‘KAYA‘, laid out on the table – it’s crystal clear to see through the mist that this man is something sparklingly special.

A dark taste of sensual beauty, derived from Miles from Kinshasa’s vocal, rips through a lacing of wonky R&B tones and obscure Grimes-like synths. It’s a dysfunctional, meaty combination which just clicks. Managing to effortlessly pull this innovative sound off, the fluidity of ‘KAYA’ is breathtaking – every movement is calm, controlled and relaxed. Perhaps resembling a lullaby of some sort, ‘KAYA’ is a track to put Miles from Kinshasa on the tips of tongues.

Mellow love and overall exhilaration; feast your ears on Miles from Kinshasa’s calming new track, ‘KAYA’, below.

Ella Scott

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