Music | Introducing Proletariat

Proletariat‘:”The class of wage earners, especially those who earn their living by manual labor or who are dependent for support on daily or casual employment” ( In other words: the working class. This may be the dictionary definition, but at this moment, the word means something bigger than that. ‘Proletariat’, are a bunch of lads surging with energy similar to the height of the 70’s punk movement. Screaming out dirty passion – introducing, Proletariat.

With only two demo tracks surfacing online at this current moment, Proletariat are still classed as an underground mystery. However, if their fuzzy, spitting vocals – which are overlapped by jarring guitar riffs – are anything to go by, then this innovative band seriously aren’t going to stay quiet for much longer.

Both tracks, ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Mr Brown’ – which are available to stream via Soundcloud now – ooze an atmosphere of controlled madness. Think: a ravenous version of Slaves, peppered with a more-chaotic and slightly-more messy Horrors Strange House-era (imagine that…). Cocktail these two opposing sounds together, and we have the foundations of Proletariat.

A band with something worth buzzing about: catch Proletariat at their humble beginnings and watch them bloom into something scarily garangutan. You can listen to both demo tracks, ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Mr Brown’, below.

Ella Scott

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