Music | Fair by Betsy

A minimalistic whirlwind of intense pain and sheer vulnerability. A snapshot into a life made beautiful through strife, torment and undeniable agony. If pleasure is pain then Welsh-girl, Betsy, and her debut track, ‘Fair’, are the definition.

In words, the twenty-four year old has struggled with the demons of haunting relationships and the suffocation of dreams. Fighting and flying from control; the singer (whom has previously collaborated with Hot Chip’s, Joe Goddard) has bounced from Wales, to London, taken up a residency in Paris and returned home again. All to let her ambitions breath.

‘Fair’ is the first emotion-blaring offering from Betsy’s debut EP, being put out on Warner Brothers records in the UK and Columbia in the US. Delivering a pool of chilling sadness, ‘Fair’ highlights Betsy’s previous grapple with a failing relationship, due to the eerily beautiful lyrics and a deadpan beat. An ironic celebration of sadness is explained through this electronic track – making believe that it’s truly okay to feel.

With ‘Fair’ only being the first initial slice of Betsy on her own, its difficult to judge where her EP, due for imminent release, will take her. One thing however, is definitely for sure: there’s really no place like the past to inspire the future.

Listen to ‘Fair’, the new track from Betsy, below.

Ella Scott

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