Music | To An End by Bagels

If you naively believe that guitar music is an endangered species, then step out of your comfort zone and direct your gaze towards a bunch of future Irish indie-dreamboats.  Pairing lethargic, killer riffs with clamorous vocals: five-piece, Bagels, have proved there’s definite hope, with brand-new single, ‘To An End’.

Hailing from Dundrum, Dublin, Bagels are making serious waves where music is concerned due to the showcase of their first single ‘To An End’.

Despite becoming a collective in 2010, the explosive ‘To An End’ is the earliest, official release from the group – this fact is extremely difficult to believe when considering the pure professionalism of the track.

Opening with heavily-controlled guitar riffs, ‘To An End’ quickly develops into a pensive explosion, before inducing you into an indie-pop daydream.  For a debut single to create such an almighty buzz points to a bright future for Bagels – they’ve proved they’ve got the ability, but can they become a band to really keep your eyes peering across in 2016?

Considering the mammoth wave that is ‘To An End’, we can surely believe that this is only the beginning of Bagels’ reign.

Listen to the fantastic debut single, ‘To An End’, by Bagels, below:

Ella Scott

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