Music | Get In Line by Aperture

Tantalizingly seductive, brimming with raw sophistication and not to mention featuring bold riffs to boot; the latest single from Edinburgh quartet, Aperture, ‘Get In Line’, proves that this band are on the road to becoming the next big ‘thing’.

Possessing a defined archaic sound, ‘Get In Line’ instantly finds your mind wandering into a souped-up version of the 80’s rock scene.  While being complimented by both modernised adventure and tributes to Aperture’s inspirations (The Cure, Yeah Yeah Yeahs); ‘Get In Line’ is the definition of a time-hop, neatly allowing the track to be likened to every era of music.

The exciting concoction of sounds from Aperture allow ‘Get In Line’ to be a fast-paced ride of ecstasy.  While gearing up for the release of Aperture’s EP, wrap your ears around ‘Get In Line’, below.

Ella Scott

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