Music | Even If by Ceiling Demons

Vulnerability and sensitivity in the music industry can make-or-break an artist over night.  Honing the talent to wear your heart on your sleeve and express feelings buried in the deepest, cavernous parts of your mind are two skills which a variety of bands will never possess, and an area many will never fully succeed in.  A group of alternative hip-hop pioneers however, who are using compassion and broadcasting their inner feelings with a heavy sense of pride, are Ceiling Demons, with the help of their brand-new track, ‘Even If’.

A brilliantly poignant breath of fresh air; ‘Even If’ is a combination of spoken-word, heart-felt lyrics, delicate harmonies and a swooning progressive backing beat – all of which allow the ideology of Ceiling Demons being extremely special, to be crafted.

The obscured take on a romantic love song, ‘Even If’, is due for an August 17th release.  However, come August 1st, the track will be delivered online for free – in celebration of Yorkshire day.  The song also comes accompanied with two b-sides: the menacing, minimalistic ‘Feels Like Forever’ and easily one of the group’s greatest offerings, ‘The Quiet’.

You can stream the breathtaking ‘Even If’ below.  For more information about Ceiling Demons, you can check them out here.

Ella Scott

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