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They may claim “it’s complicated”, but, according to the colossal debut release from Scotland’s biggest independent band, The LaFontaines – producers of a slick, exciting alternative-hip-hop-classic-rock hybrid – it’s as clear as crystal: this band are the future of music. Preparing to bring the population to its knees, The Fonts are armed with the artillery to crown them as the ultimate ‘breakthrough act of 2015′.  The face of music is changing. This is now: this is Class.

The unique Motherwell quintet’s debut LP, Class, thrives off clamorous guitar riffs (‘Window Seat’, ‘Junior Dragon’) and is powered by the boisterous echo of frontman, Kerr Okan, as well as the juxtaposing, harmonising vocals of bassist, John Gerard. Arguably, the sounds channelled between the two vocalists reach their sparkling peak on the championed, fan-favourite ‘All She Knows’ – proving why the cocktailed genre of The LaFontaines is so lusciously appealing.

Although notoriously known for their passionate personalities and wild live shows, Class also offers an alternative view of The LaFontaines.  Planting the ideology that underneath this crazy reputation they carry, the lads still allow their hearts of pure gold to fanatically ebb emotion, showcased in a brilliant light on the forcefully arousing ‘All Gone’, and vulnerable fourth track, ‘Castles’.

Lead single, ‘King’, the previously-released ‘Under The Storm’ and opener ‘Slow Elvis’ are all blisteringly stunning songs, contending for the title of Class‘s crowning moment. The latter, ‘Slow Elvis’, is a concoction of: popular culture references (did somebody mention “a washed up Gary Barlow”?) and witty-wordplay, complemented by punchy, powerfully raucous guitar lines. An instant adoration is created where ‘Slow Elvis’ is concerned, and (if you weren’t already wrapped around their little fingers) a fully-blown love affair with The Fonts begins.

Breathtakingly stunning and absolutely faultless, The LaFonatines have exceeded all expectations. Their debut album is a mirror for what we can expect from live shows and the band in the future. One thing is for certain, Class, is in a league of its own.

Ella Scott

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