Music | In Colour by Jamie xx

The brains behind the Mercury Award winning group, The xx; the producer who is crowned one of the forerunners in the remix game, and the artist who constructs blaring, chilled-out, sophisticated tunes, is finally poised – armed for total world domination – with his debut, full-length record.  While the nights grow longer and the sun moves slower, there’s one man soundtracking the dance revolt.  Straight outta’ London – this is, Jamie xx’s,  In Colour.

Flirting with the conventional elements of dance, In Colour is essentially minimalistic celebration of a controlled and wholesome revolution.  From the slightly-obscured, traditional drum ‘n’ bass sounds of ‘Gosh’, to the gargantuan, genre-dodging ‘Girls’In Colour, from its sweet beginning to its colossal end, is the ultimate, lethargic rebellion.

Weaving passion for the underground scene with the craving for clean-cut freshness, Jamie xx’s triumphant debut features performances from the likes of Atlanta rapper, Young Thug (alongside Popcaan on ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’) and fellow xx member – the possessor of one of the creamiest vocals around – Romy (‘SeeSaw’, ‘Loud Places’).  While both of these features may channel directly diverse sounds, the combination of raw nostalgia and bold power entwine perfectly within In Colour, making these opposing elements equally as satisfying.

Arguably, the crowning moment of In Colour is contested by both the ambient ‘Obvs’ (which features a audacious Carrabian influence) and ‘Just Saying’.  The latter, which reaches just under one and a half minutes in length, is a subdued explosion of magnificence, managing to showcase the soon-to-be-iconic producer’s strengths and skills in crystal-clear glory.  A one to watch being dropped at Jamie xx’s forthcoming live shows this Autumn, ‘Just Saying‘ is the pinnacle of beauty.

Dance record of the year?  Maybe even in the running to be the greatest release of 2015? Jamie xx’s debut record, In Colour, is all we could have asked and more from the twenty-six year old producer.  Immerse yourself in the extravagant mind of Jamie xx and you’re sure as hell to be left with waves of almighty pleasure washing over you.

Ella Scott

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