Muisc | English Graffiti by The Vaccines

When they burst on the scene with their debut record in 2011, The Vaccines churned up the UK music scene; carved a defining path through the hazy, indie genre and put their stamp on the world with their fiery, sleazy tracks.  The band cemented their built-up legacy and forwarded their passion with follow-up record, Come Of Age, and now, the Teenage Icons- Justin Young, Arnie Arnason, Freddie Cowan and Pete Robertson – have returned to the forefront with the colossal, English Graffiti.

Proceeding the release of their fourteen-track, third LP, The Vaccines previously shared: preppy comeback track, ‘Handsome’ and stadium-sized ballad, ‘Dream Lover’, alongside showcasing live both ‘(All Afternoon) In Love’ and ‘Want You So Bad’.  The four mammoth anthems managed to heighten anticipation for English Graffiti, as well as seal the deal for the London four-piece to reach the stars.

A bloodbath of excitement: English Graffiti, manages to cocktail a heavy-rock backbone (’20 / 20′ and ‘Radio Bikini‘) with dreamy slices of powerful pop (‘Denial’ and ‘Give Me a Sign’), while tying everything together with a signature splash of acoustic beauty (‘English Graffiti’).  With these three potentially opposing elements blending seamlessly together, can we confidently crown The Vaccines as producers of the ultimate genre-bending record of 2015?

Although missing the rapidly witty wordplay and manic spark primarily found on their first offering, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, the group’s third LP is littered with various intervals of intense pleasure.  Two of these moreish moments are the lethargic ‘Stranger’ and English Graffiti‘s final track, ‘Miracle’.  A controlled explosion of energy, cementing the reason behind this band being so universally loved: the latter track, ‘Miracle’, is an euphoric celebration of joy, set up to soundtrack this year’s festival season.

To put it bluntly, English Graffiti is almost unfaultable.  A coming-of-age LP which pronounces The Vaccines as one of the most versatile and brightest bands the UK can be proud to call their own.

It’s now time for the matured Vaccines to bask in the sun’s glory – they’ve more than deserved it.

Ella Scott

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