Music |Bleed On Me by LOOM

Eerily cocktailing the typical southern twang of Chicago’s Orwells with inspiration drawn from grunge veterans, Nirvana, is a temperamental coupling passionately pulled off by Farris Badwan’s younger sibling, Tarik Badwan, and his tantalisingly dark band, LOOM. The four-piece may have defined links to Southend-On-Sea’s finest, The Horrors, but it’s clear to see that – with the release of their raucous new single, ‘Bleed On Me’ – LOOM are in a league of their own.

Keeping it in the family, the startling ‘Bleed On Me’ is set on be released via the Badwan brothers’ label, Raft Records, on April 27. The track will also be the second single to be released by LOOM on the label.

Experimenting with tempo from the onset and opening with a nebulous guitar line, ‘Bleed On Me’ is constantly on the move. Subsiding into a peculiarly infectious guitar solo, the waves of LOOM’s crowning track seem calm before the shrill cries of Badwan escape, revving ‘Bleed On Me’ into overdrive. Constantly altering and priding itself on its lack of steadiness, LOOM’s forthcoming single is impossible to stay quiet about.

A sensation of pure, dark power ebbs its way from Badwan’s gritty vocal, upholding the idea that LOOM are a five-piece whom we are expecting to blow away the big-wigs in the music industry this summer, with the release of their debut album.

LOOM are extraordinary and their new single, ‘Bleed On Me’, lives up to every ounce of expectation.

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