Music | Son by Antonio Lulic

The dominating acoustic force of Antonio Lulic is furthering expectations, following mammoth support slots with Ed Sheeran across the UK and in New York, with the release of his stunning, new five-track EP, entitled Son.

Credited as “a simply incredible songwriter” by Thomas Coxhead, the North-East born artist’s new EP Son builds on both the legacy and defined sound created from the previously released Rough EP, Never Or Tonight EP and the debut, Becomes Unstoppable EP.

Dealing with the troubled teenage outlook of attempting to make an impact on the world is Son‘s opening track, ‘Beckoning Drum’.  Claiming you may not ‘hear him on the radio or see him on the news’ Lulic promises he’s “coming for you” and “coming soon”.

Contrasting immediately with this up-beat and passionate, powerful sound is Lulic’s ode to the city dubbed as the “music capital of the world”, ‘The City Of Austen, Texas.  Harbouring a vocal thick with regret and nostalgia which accompanies the minimalistic guitar lines, ‘The City Of Austen, Texas’ shines a vulnerable light on Lulic: a bold move which is furthered on tracks ‘Drunk and Lonely’ and ‘Twenty Twelve’.

Bringing the EP to a resounding close is ‘When I Can’t.  The semi- A cappella track finds Lulic breaking down and admitting to not knowing the answers to the real questions in his life: “who’ll bring you peace? Who’ll leave you be?”.  The romantic ending to the Son EP abruptly disintegrates into  total silence, leaving the infectious voice of Lulic swimming through your ears.  It’s impossible to listen to the Son EP’s anthems and not feel your heartstrings on fire.

Antonio Lulic’s Son EP is available to purchase now here

Ella Scott

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