Music | Young Chasers by Circa Waves

Since the initial release of their first single, ‘Get Away‘, fifteen months ago; Circa Waves have seen themselves embarking on a ride of a lifetime.  Supporting the likes of The Libertines and Swim Deep, opening the 2014 NME Awards Tour and dropping their Young Chasers EP in June 2014; the Liverpool lads’ legacy is ever growing, and we can whole-heartedly agree when they claim they’ve come “a long way from home”.  Finally, the clock has struck, and the time of Young Chasers, the sensational debut album from Circa Waves, is upon us.

Chock-filled with fan favourites (‘T-Shirt Weather‘, ‘Stuck In My Teeth‘, ‘Fossils‘) and bursting with captivating guitar-driven numbers (‘Young Chasers‘, ‘Good For Me‘); Circa WavesYoung Chasers is  nothing less than an indie-rock-powered adrenaline rush.

Deviating from the enhanced Circa Waves song formula and causing quite the storm where the record is concerned, are mellowed love song, ‘Deserve This‘, and closing track, ‘Talking Out Loud‘.  Arguably, the change-up potentially hints to what we can expect the quartet to experiment with sound-wise in the future.  Regardless of the new album release, there really isn’t any rest for the wicked, is there?

Sandwiched between the buoyant ‘Best Years‘ and Young Chasers,‘ penultimate track, ‘So Long‘, is Circa Waves‘ crowning moment – ‘The Luck Has Gone‘.  The band – Kieran Shudall, Sam Rourke, Colin Jones and Joe Falconer – have created a shining honey pot of feel-good vibes and bold excitement on ‘The Luck Has Gone’.  Tying the record together, ‘The Luck Has Gone‘ allows the heart to run wild and the ideology that Young Chasers may be contender for indie album of the year-so-far, to enter the mind.

Circa Waves: you can’t get away from them, even if you wanted to.

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