Music | My Name Is Her by Jay Brown

Intensely controlled commotion and sensations of pure wonder ebb from Northampton-born, London-based beauty Jay Brown‘s latest offering: the breath-taking, five-track My Name Is Her EP.

Signed to Turn First Records, Jay Brown is a lady boasting a vocal laced with mellowed menace and never fails to nurture an infectiously haunting atmosphere. This prestigious claim shines through on the first taster from the My Name Is Her EP, ‘Diamonds’, and is followed through to its final track, the uneasy ‘The Gun Is Loaded‘.

With lead single ‘Diamonds‘ having over thirteen thousand plays on Soundcloud alone, it seems that the world is finally catching onto the sheer brilliance of London’s secret weapon. Following the mammoth first track is the equally striking ‘We Are The People‘ and ‘I’m Not Ready‘. Although constantly repeating this phrase over a minimalistic mess of instruments and synced backing vocals; this singer/songwriter has proved she’s more than prepared to delve into the heart of the mainstream, and has all the tools are at her disposal.

Penultimate track ‘Green‘ throws a spanner in the works with its futuristic warped fade, highlighting the diversity of sounds featured on the My Name Is Her EP. Sending the final jolt of shivers down the listeners spine is closing track ‘The Gun Is Loaded‘, confirming that this release and this artist is seriously something to keep a hawk-eye upon.

via 7BitArcade

Ella Scott

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