Music | Weapons Of Mass Distrust by Sonic Templars

On paper, they may seem to be a bunch of regular Glaswegian lads, enjoying “having it large” and listening to Jeff Buckley, butSonic Templars, and their original branding of the alternative rock genre, are anything but ordinary. The release of their third EP,Weapons Of Mass Distrust, will soon be the cause of this Scottish four-piece rapidly rising in the ranks of the music industry. Even in the premature stages of 2015, it’s clear to see that this is going to be Sonic Templars’ year.

“Your face is a map that leads to my heart” swoons Sonic Templars’ frontman, Stewart Bryden, on the EP’s opening track, ‘Lay Down Your Guns’. Resembling a hybrid of You Me At Six and innovative originality, ‘Lay Down Your Guns’ is a raw offering from Sonic Templars, showcasing why this band are worth the hype.

Although an outright rock four-piece, both ‘Trigger’ and the excruciatingly powerful  ‘King of the Ocean’ bring about a softer, more emotionally vulnerable side to Sonic Templars. With the latter featuring a heart-felt A capella breakdown, a breath of fresh air can be inhaled, while this band’s current stance is forced to be taken with a pinch of salt. Change is the aim of the game and the eerie – cowbell-featuring – ‘Funhouse Mirrors’ proves Sonic Templars seem to have a smorgasbord of tricks up their sleeves.

Leaving no worries of this band becoming a one-trick-pony, Weapons Of Mass Distrust is a serious wave of excitement, poising Sonic Templars on the highest pedestal possible, and giving them all the ingredients for a successful breakthrough in 2015.

Weapons Of Mass Distrust, the new EP from Sonic Templars, is available now.

Ella Scott

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