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Influenced by the likes of the iconic: Lou Reed, Jack White and the New York Dolls are LA-based, alternative rockers Kill My Coquette. Fronted by the singing, song writing, acting and modelling beauty, Natalie Denise Sperl; Kill My Coquette are something sparklingly special. Cigarette Sounds has had the honour of speaking to Sperl, the frontwoman of Kill My Coquette about: dream collaborations, branding MAC lipsticks and the ideas behind Kill My Coquette’s self-titled debut EP.

For those unaware of Kill My Coquette, could you give a brief description of who you are and how the band came about?

We’re a four piece rock and roll band from Los Angeles that formed over a year ago. We met through the local music scene here. We’ve been playing all over LA. I was restless and tired of waiting around between acting gigs, so I started writing songs and learned to play guitar. Nothing fancy yet; I play rhythm and I’ve got a lead guitarist, a bass player and drummer. They’re all pros. I got lucky.

Your self-titled EP, Kill My Coquette, just came out on January 20th.  What are the main ideas and themes behind the five tracks?

The five tracks on the EP are all different. I didn’t consciously make a themed album. I wanted to write about whatever I wanted to write about, so the songs vary.  First single ‘3rd & Bonnie Brae’ is a sort-of cautionary tale of a place in Los Angeles that used to be pretty shady. I passed by that intersection so many times and always wondered what it’s like for the people hanging around on that corner and what was their story, so I wrote a song about what it might be like. It’s a pop song essentially with darker lyrics:

‘Festival Boy’ is based on when I met someone at [American festival] Coachella and the idea that in that moment everything’s magical and new and you’re caught up in the moment. I went off that.  ‘Sweet Baby Blooze’ is my homage to Jack White and that dirtier blues sound. ‘Close To Me’ is a love song about a boy too afraid to let someone in, so he ultimately walks away, and ‘Post Teenage Angst’ is a punker dunker song inspired by ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by The Ramones.

Are immediate plans for a follow up EP or debut album on the cards for Kill My Coquette at this moment in time? Can any details exclusively be revealed for Cigarette Sounds?

Let’s just say I have new material ready to record. I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s better than anything I’ve written so far I think. I’m excited!

Although based in LA, what has the UK reaction to Kill My Coquette been like?

People from New York, LA and London have specifically written us asking when we’re playing in their city. I think the music has a kind of gritty urban feel to it. The UK is the perfect place for Kill My Coquette because there’s so much pop out there that I think people wanna’ hear rock and roll again, you know?

Away from fronting this killer band, Natalie, you’re a model as well as an actress. How do you find the time to manage your hectic lifestyle? Have you any tips on how to deal with a busy schedule?

Just breathe.

 If you could collaborate with any UK artist, who would be top of your list?

PJ Harvey, Royal Blood or (the) Arctic Monkeys. I can’t choose one!

In five years time, where do you expect to see Kill My Coquette’s name?

All over everything like KISS.  But how cool would it be to have a shade of MAC lipstick in ‘Kill My Coquette’ Red!  Or a ‘Kill My Coquette’ Pinot Noir.  Yummy.


It’s still early doors, but will the USA see the band performing at any festivals this summer?

We’re gonna’ tour smart. Regionally first. Up and down the California coast. We’re still in the planning stages of the shows. It’s a little early to give you details, but there is talk of a possible upcoming festival.

Three words to sum up Kill My Coquettes sound.

Dark, dreamy, decadent.

And finally, Desert island playlist. If you were stranded on a desert island with a record player and three records; what would those records be and why? 

Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited because even the sad songs make me smile, and if I’m gonna’ be stranded, that album would make me feel a little less alone. The Distiller’s Coral Fang because I’m gonna’ need to get pumped to catch my food or I’ll starve. Lastly probably any Sam Cooke album because of that voice. It soothes me. I’ll need it, being stressed and all over how to get off that damn island!

Thank you so much for your time!

Cheers. Thank you! Check out our website for all the latest news and tour dates:

Ella Scott

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