Music | First Light by Django Django

Breaking their three-year release silence, London’s premier Art-rock group, Django Django are officially back to their old habits of warping the minds of the UK, with the aid of their dreamy, new single ‘First Light’.

“Each day never the same/ never again/ get in the picture” swoons Django Django’s frontman, David Maclean, over the minimalistic use of the bands main component – the synthesiser. Although vaguely resembling something which wouldn’t go amiss on a Pet Shop Boys record; ‘First Light’ is a track poised to propel the four-piece back into the hearts of the UK.

Light, frothy and wistful: Django Django’s ‘First Light’ is a simplistic exploration of the bands evolution and a serious marker of what we can expect from this innovative band in 2015. It’s great to have you back lads!

Ella Scott

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