Music | Business Pleasure by Little Boots

Both Lady Gaga and Ladyhawke as well as Florence + The Machine first grasped the hearts of the public in 2009; an era often credited as the rise of 80’s-inspired females. One artist who was at the forefront of this movement was Victoria Christina Kesketh – better known as pop artist Little Boots. Receiving a  BRITS critics choice award nomination and producing a debut album, big enough to rival “Girls Aloud or Lily Allen”; Little Boots was at the top of her game before seemingly fading mysteriously into the background. However, the silence of Little Boots has been broken: due to the release of the Business Pleasure EP.


Opening strongly with an A cappella showcase of beauty, taking the form of the thirty year-olds voice, is ‘Taste It’. “Can you taste it on your tongue like liquorice?” Little Boots sultrily chimes over a shape-busting electronic beat. Simplistic yet full of complex layers: the radiating sophistication of ‘Taste It’ makes Little Boots’ breakthrough hit, ‘New In Town’, seem like a child-like drawl, highlighting the reinvention of her sound in all of its deserved glory.

Drawing on a pure, 90’s deep house vibe is following track ‘Heroine’. Bringing things back to basics, ‘Heroine’ is ultimately a chilled, deep house celebration, screaming out for a DJ to turn it into the definitive dance floor filler.

Turning up the heat on the Business Pleasure EP is the title-track ‘Business Pleasure’ as well as Little Boots’ final salute, ‘Pretty Tough’. The definition of arousing: ‘Pretty Tough’ combines Little Boots’ succulent  vocal ability with an explosion of electronic sass, as well as throwing an oddly warped synthesiser into the mixture.

Ending this game-changing EP on an extreme high; the versatile Little Boots has proven she’s back, bigger than ever, and determined to rule the electronic scene.

Ella Scott

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