gigs: Little Comets, Newcastle

A homecoming in the intimate setting of a replica living room, equipped with: strangers; a stage and featuring a fully-alcohol-stocked fridge, is the summative description of Newcastle’s Bridge Hotel; the venue of choice for Little Comets gig on Wednesday 26th November 2014.

Opening the night was the beautiful Immy Williams; a girl seeing passionate brilliance dripping from her fingers, due to her stylised voice/keyboard combination.  Creating ambience and sending excitement coursing through the one-hundred and ten bodies crammed into the upstairs of The Bridge Hotel; Williams was the perfect opener for this extremely special night.

Exit Williams: enter brothers Robert and Michael Coles, Matthew Hall and David Green: better known as the ‘elusive’ Little Comets. Hosting a night with a twist; Little Comets decided to throw themselves into the hands of their lucky fans.

Urging the one-hundred and ten fans to scribe their Little Comets song-of-choice (May it perhaps be: ‘A Little Opus’, ‘Jennifer’ or ‘Bayonne’) and place it into a conventional watering can; the band raffled off and rallied through songs both archaic and freshly created. A setlist tailored for fans by fans.

The night revolved around exhilarating uncertainty and juxtaposition; the gloomy ‘Her Black Eyes’ – jokingly played with reluctance from the band – and the tremendously infectious ‘Dancing Song’, were two, produced from the watering can, used to best showcase the fluctuating song-mode.

Throughout the set, clocking up just shy of two hours; Little Comets gracefully complied with every demand of their fans, seeing them race through tracks such: as their (arguably) most-famous song ‘One Night In October’, ‘The Blur, the Line and the Thickest of Onions’ as well as ‘Bridge Burn’ and ‘Little Italy’.

Filling song-gaps with precise anecdotes of past teaching jobs and their commitment to Newcastle’s Bridge Hotel; Little Comets put on a performance buzzing with both eagerness and joyfulness. Trapped in a bubble of positivity; the crowd applauded final track ‘Joanna’ before ebbing away into the night with a headful of exclusive memories, sure to be reminisced for many moons to come.

Ella Scott

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