gigs: Jamie T, Newcastle

Silence fades: the man returns.

Before teenage prayers were answered earlier this year with the surprise release of singles ‘Don’t You Find‘ and ‘Zombie‘ and thirsts for a new album were quenched with Carry On The Grudge; it was feasible to believe that Jamie T may have stopped breathing. However, on November 3rd 2014, a crescendo of applause from Newcastle’s O2 Academy crowd meets album and show opener ‘Limits Lie‘, proving that Jamie T is alive and his legacy is still truly burning.

Silence fades: the man returns.

Branded the ‘Carry On The Grudge’ tour, it’s no wonder the extremely dense setlist boasted a huge range of brand-new tracks such as: ‘Peter‘; ‘Rabbit Hole‘ and ‘Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away‘. Although undoubtedly different compared to earlier Panic Prevention and Kings and Queens era; the Wimbledon lads latest songs, taken from third LP Carry On The Grudge, go down a treat with the die-hard Newcastle Upon-Tyne crowd gathered at his feet.

Firm fan favourites ‘Operation‘, ‘The Mans Machine‘ and the rarely played ‘British Intelligence‘ created a rare ambience of beautiful adrenaline, while both ‘Spiders Web‘ and ‘Emily’s Heart‘ penetrated the hearts of the adoring crowd. With girls and boys alike bleating their way through every memorised line of ‘Emily’s Heart’; a real insight into the influence Jamie T has had over the past eight years could be seen with vivid clarity.

Rallying through:a heart-felt rendition of ‘Back In The Game‘, leaving a dry eye a daunting sight; ‘Salvador‘; and the legendary ‘368‘, the most adored man in the room led the crowd into a false sense of calmness, before erupting in an explosion of sound, thanks to the radiating chords of Jamie T’s breakthrough hit ‘Sheila‘.

With euphoria pulsating through the veins of the venue after the subsiding of Sheila; Jamie T appeared back on stage full of gratitudes and graces, before tearing into Panic Prevention‘s oddball wildcard ‘Calm Down Dearest‘.

Roaring and ready to go, the time was nigh and Jamie T said his goodbyes, taking the form of Radio 1’s favourite overplayed track ‘Zombie‘, causing a mad collision of bodies in the middle of the floor. The hectic atmosphere never faltered at Jamie T effortlessly glided into the iconic ‘Sticks ‘N’ Stones‘.

With the crowd screaming “Running with believers/no time for beaver” at the top of their lungs; it was left to the imagination of why Jamie T had left it so long to return to this stage.

The silence fades: the man returns.

Ella Scott

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