gigs: DMA’s @ O2 Academy Newcastle

It’s ever-so-often that a main headliner’s hand-picked support band wipes the floor and blows everything out of the water for the rest of the night. On Thursday 6th November, Manchester’s Courteeners took up residency at Newcastle Upon-Tyne’s O2 Academy and brought along the surprising support of Australia’s own DMA’s.

Casually chugging beer and performing to a half-empty room; DMA’s forced open the mouths of the male-dominated audience with a sound so special, an atmosphere of euphoric infatuation was created, completely outshining the main headliner’s efforts later on.

Acting as Courteeners support for the eighth date of their highly-anticipated Concrete Love tour; Sydney’s DMA’s swaggered on stage in a fashion so calm, the chatty Geordie crowd were almost oblivious to their arrival. This ignorant attitude however, was exploded almost immediately, thanks to the captivating sounds of the most promising band to emerge throughout the entirety of 2014.

With a powerful setlist featuring songs boasting: an elongated Liam Gallagher-esque vocal (‘Feels like 37′); acoustic guitar riffs infused with a Britpop throwback (‘Delete’ and ‘So We Know’) and, most importantly, a killer attitude of enjoyment radiating from all three members of DMA’s; the groups second support slot with Courteeners was spectacularly unforgettable.

Ending their short-but-extremely-sweet set with a deafening round of applause; a shockwave of rare ecstasy exploded across the music venue. This rare ambience circled throughout the rest of the night however, was never bettered by the headline act themselves. DMA’s stole the show and created something extremely special. It won’t be long until the UK is kissing the ground this Australian three-piece tread upon.

Ella Scott

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