Music | SWIM by Die! Die! Die!

In the past nine years, New Zealand punk-rockers Die! Die! Die! have managed to generate world-wide waves of success, with their gritty, teeth-baring tunes and flamboyant, heavy style.  Four albums, a tour with Franz Ferdinand and slots at SXSW later – D!D!D! release their fifth album SWIM – an internet abbreviation for ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me’.

Hailing from Dunedin, the three piece’s fifth album, SWIM, opens with the title track: a whirlwind of raucous guitar riffs and rough vocals from lead singer, Andrew Wilson. Immediately presenting a more matured version of the signature D!D!D! sound; ‘Swim’ as an album opener is an instant captivator of raw sophistication.

Backing up this maturing of sound is ‘Out Of My Mind‘ and ‘Crystal‘; with the latter being a more subdued version of the former. Honing in and extenuating the pure punk-rock edge coursing through SWIM; both ‘Out Of My Mind‘ and following track ‘Crystal‘, manage to create a sense of the unknown, something which seems to be a rarity throughout SWIM.

One of the more passionate tracks, ‘Get Hit‘, features a maliciously menacing chorus of “Get hit / get hit / get hit”, making the song a full-force adrenaline rush of a ride.  Keeping in with the intense adrenaline rush is ‘Angel‘; one of the more memorable tracks of the album.  With a blaring instrumental residing within ‘Angel‘, the track is more dark and brooding, a complete juxtaposition to its angelic, expected title.

After the climax of ‘Angel‘, ‘She’s Clear‘ acts as a trough in SWIM.  With no innovation or exciting qualities; ‘She’s Clear‘ is a D!D!D! track that will dissolve into the mist. Contrasting this negative vibe and bringing SWIM back into the bright light, is closing track ‘Mirror‘.  Boasting the same passion as ‘Get Hit‘ yet in a more controlled, emotional way; ‘Mirror‘ leaves the door of the future open for D!D!D!… The only question left to ask is, has the time come for Die! Die! Die! to shake things up?

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