Music | Don’t Say That by Superfood

With the name supposedly coined by Swim Deep’s Cavan McCarthy and Peace’s Harrison Koisser; ‘B-Town’ is held responsible for the mammoth indie takeover of 2013. Making up the third element of the highly-anticipated hat-trick of albums released from B-Town in 2014, (the first being The Twang’s N E O N T W A N G followed by Jaws’ Be Slowly) is Superfood‘s debut record.  If ‘music is food for the soul’ then Don’t Say That shall leave it quenched for an eternity.

Serving as the mouth-watering starter for Superfood’s debut is the obscure ‘Lily For Your Pad To Rest On’.  Immediately proving why the band are worth the hype; the opening track features an infectious rhythm and a churning chorus, where the quartet boast they’ve “got something to eat”… A statement students across the length and breadth of the UK may not be able to comply with.

Following tracks ‘You Can Believe’ and the pre-loved ‘Superfood’ – released in the height of the B-Town craze circa 2013 – crank up the lethargic 90’s atmosphere residing within Don’t Say That.  Emitting the same nostalgic 90’s vibe is ‘Pallasades’; with its jangly guitars and ‘TV’, taken from the celebrated MAM EP. Marked with an elongated vocal and messy guitar riffs; ‘TV’ is one of Don’t Say That‘s richest offerings.

Both the short, but lusciously sweet, instrumental tracks, ‘I’ and ‘II’, act as perfect album breathers and spice up the record with an element of improvisation. With the latter being sandwiched between title track ‘Don’t Say That’ and the previously championed ‘Melting’, the twenty-one second break of ‘II’ is a slice of Superfood kookiness; the reason the UK has fallen head-over-heels in love with this Brummie quartet.

Penultimate track ‘Right On Satellite’ provides an edgy, euphoric twist to the already fantastic album.  Showcasing Superfood’s lead singer, Dom Ganderton’s, paramount vocal performance; ‘Right On Satellite’ could potentially be the ultimate crowning moment of Don’t Say That.  With one last push, thirteenth track and album closer, ‘Like A Daisy’, seals the deal and makes it official: Don’t Say that by Superfood is a grasp away from pure perfection.

Superfood’s debut album, Don’t Say That, is available for purchase on Monday 3rd November; however, an official stream of the fantastic debut album is available on now.

Ella Scott

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