Music | I Wanna Be Remembered by Jordan Allen

Although Manchester has seen both the rise and fall of Britpop, there’s no doubt that the city is still the forerunner in creating rock ‘n’ roll and – in the words of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner  – “That rock ‘n’ roll ey’? It just won’t go away”.  One of the most exciting future rock ‘n’ roll stars, hailing from twenty minutes outside the music capital of the UK, is Jordan Allen.

Armed with a brand-new, four track EP – ‘I Wanna Be Remembered’ -, it won’t be long before Allen’s tracks are rolling off critics’ tongues and waves of fans are heaving out of doors to his sold-out gigs. Soon, the UK will be whipped into a frenzy while humming along to the catchy, rock ‘n’ roll sounds of ‘I Wanna Be Remembered’.

The EP opens with the sneer of “You walk ‘round with your head down/spend your days in a dressing gown” on ‘Daydreamer’s Girlfriend’.  The track is a blend of dense guitars and lyrics that speak of modern day real-life. The reliability of Allen’s lyrics and his heavily distinctive voice cement the likability factor to his songs, as he carefully crafts a fresh outlook on rock ‘n’ roll.

The EP immediately twists, as a more authoritative and domineering sound radiates from second track, ‘Remember’.  Allen banishes thoughts of him being a one-trick-pony by delivering a more gravelly sound; with spitting vocals and a strong drum-line, this track is definitely one that can’t be forgotten.

The Bolton Boy shakes things up again on both Rich & Famous and ‘Set In Stone’; creating two tracks which blister the skin of the average rock song. ‘Rich & Famous’ builds tension through a range of repetitive echoes, before suddenly exploding into a whirlwind of pleasure. “Cucumber on his eyes/I swear that’s the final score/cos’ I bloody hate this guy” Allen chews, as the track rumbles to a definitive climax, reassuring us that the future of music is safe in his hands.

‘I Wanna’ Be Remembered’ is a masterpiece –  gushing tongue ‘n’ cheek lyrics whilst managing to mix classic rock ‘n’ roll with a refreshingly innovative vibe.  If these four tracks are anything to go by, Jordan Allen has no worries of ever fading into the forgotten void; his desire to be remembered should most certainly be fulfilled.

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