Music | Introducing Blossoms

Cheshire: famous for spawning a godlike Bond (Daniel Craig was born in Chester, don’tcha know…) and one of the most influential artists of the past twenty years, Ian Brown. So, it’s no surprise that Cheshire has recently become the origin of the mysterious music genre ‘Ethereal Nostalgic Sonance’. If desire’s burning inside and you’re itching to know more; surrender yourself into the hands of Blossoms.

Dubbing themselves as a “mosaic five piece”, Blossoms combine outlandish indie guitar with a contrasting ghostly organ on Stone Roses-esque track ‘Blow’. ‘Blow’ is an epic masterpiece of swirling despair, fashioning a death-defying fall into the dark realms of fantasy. Blossoms may be waiting in the shadows for their break, but this is the sound of determination so strong that it won’t be long before it bursts the banks of the mainstream.

Although only coming to light at the backdoor of 2013, the drawling voice of Tom Odgen has already been causing quite a stir, with his moody tones painting distorted pictures of decaying romance and creating thick atmospheres of dingy ecstasy.  It’s edgy. It’s unique. You’d be a fool to admit it wasn’t extraordinary!

As far as extraordinary goes, Blossoms have already had the utmost admiration as being opening act for Manchester’s home-grown Twisted Wheel on their headline tour in 2013.  Opening for prestigious acts like them proves that the haunting Blossoms are gently shattering away the shackles of being unknown, and are moving ever closer to the prize of becoming Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record, an honour that has cemented in place so many bands careers and reputations.

Promises of brand-new songs loom on the horizon; so keep your eyes and ears peeled.  Blossoms may not be getting all the attention they deserve now; but it’s only a matter of time before the world falls down to their knees and kisses the ground they tread upon.

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