Music | New Dorp New York by SBTRKT ft. Ezra Koenig

“My girls got a limousine/got a full time job just to keep it clean” swoons everyone’s sworn favourite frontman Ezra Koenig over the usual, funky, electronic drones that masked man SBTRKT has made a name of himself from. Taken from a live session at none other than the infamous BBC Maida Vale Studios; SBTRKT’s brand-new collaboration track with Vampire Weekend’s and twitter hero Ezra Koenig, titled ‘New Dorp New York’, is a solid taster and the ultimate back-to-basics track. Long story short: SBTRKT has regained the limelight.

The light and funky side to SBTRKT is brought out in all it’s glory on ‘New Dorp New York’, proving that anything SBTRKT touches turns to instant, musical gold.  However, for once, it’s the guest vocal performance from Koenig that sparks the attention away from SBTRKT himself. Contrasting the fluffy electronic pulses is the swirling, dark lyrics that Koenig spits in his usual tongue; making the track both frightfully spiky yet impossible to tear yourself away from.

Although SBTRKT has been ducking and dodging in and out of the shadows for a quite awhile; ‘New Dorp New York’ proves that the man with so many tricks up his sleeve has regained the hearts of his fans, and the time away from them was worth every moment. Although ‘New Dorp New York’ wouldn’t even scratch the surface on appeal without Koenig, it does bring to the table one fact: SBTRKT is back, bigger than ever, and, most importantly: ready again, for world domination.

Ella Scott



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