festivals: the lafontaines, t in the park 2014

Who: The LaFontaines
Where: T-Break Tent
When: 17:55 – 18:25

Three years after their T in the Park debut, Scotland’s “secret weapon” The LaFontaines deliver a high-intensity action-packed celebratory performance in the T-Break tent.

Revelling in the electrified atmosphere, the lads from Motherwell managed to rally the ravenous crowd into formation as they blasted through up-coming hits, fan-loved favourites and future potential ones-to-watch. Stand-out performances of ‘Paperchase’ and ‘Under The Storm’ seen the band in their element – lapping up the crowds energy and begging for everything their adoring fans had to offer and more.

The raw, boundary-pushing sound of the critically acclaimed LaFontaines echoed around the tent as defining last-track ‘Shark In The Water’ made it’s ever-lasting mark. From the immediate front to the definite back frontman Kerr Okan had the tent under the influence of complete madness. Diving into the crowd; the charismatic rapping frontman, paired with the exceedingly talented band, delivered one of the most memorable performances of the entire weekend.

The chemistry between the band and their fans was astounding to witness and proves, first hand, that this highly unique one-of-a-kind Scottish band are the ones for the future. In years to come make sure you check them out when they headline Scotland’s biggest festival (that’s T in the Park incase you didn’t know.)


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