Music | Remain Distracted by Kobadelta

Hailing from the hometown that produced The Animals, Dire Straits and seen Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys gaining education in the city, are five-piece Kobadelta.  The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne quintet are rapidly squaring up for their brand-new EP to be released to the world next month and – let it be known – these Geordie lads are nothing less than mesmerising.

Having already supported the likes of Superfood and  Noel Gallagher’s favourite band-of-the-moment Temples, Kobadelta, a group “dabbling in dark and heavy ‘indie-psych-rock’”, are finally stepping out on their own again and bringing their mature sounds back to the ears of their fans. If there was ever an EP to put a band into a prime position of kicking up a storm and producing an epidemic, then it’s Kobadelta’s ‘Remain Distracted‘.

Invading ears immediately is the eerie ‘Siam’; as frontman Dom Noble sinisterly coos “I want you fooling next to me/I want you naked on all fours”, his impressively distinctive vocal is paired with slick and sliding guitar riffs. Kobadelta have managed to hit hard and rope in the listener with the first track of Remain Distracted.

Following ‘Siam’ is both ‘They Can’t Hurt Me’ and ‘Repetition’ (the latter being available as a free download on Kobadelta’s official Soundcloud page.) ‘They Can’t Hurt Me’ is menacingly moody; emitting an edgy, dark atmosphere which ultimately oozes sex appeal. However, contrasting track ‘Repetition’ is the band at their finest. Here, bass guitar chords are splashed with a Peter Hook-esque  psychedelic influence echoing throughout the track; if there was any doubt whether this band weren’t worth the hype then one listen to ‘Repetition’ will change everything.

To put it simply: the band make an almighty, unforgettable impact through their forthcoming release. Bubbling both enthusiasm and pure, raw talent, Kobadelta truly make it near impossible to ignore them. If you’re in the Newcastle area within the next month, you can catch Kobadelta at The Boiler Shop in Newcastle with The Temperance Movement (August 31st), their support slot with Allusondrugs at Think Tank? (September 14th) or even attend their EP launch at the Star & Shadow Cinema (September 26th). They’re going to be filling arenas one day; why not catch them intimately while you still can?

Remain Distracted is out 26th September and – in the meantime – take a listen to the free download of ‘Repetition’:

Ella Scott

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