Music | Wild Onion by Twin Peaks

“Four doods, gnarly ‘tudes, total hunks, play to drunks” is the self-penned description of the Chicago based Twin Peaks. The four-piece have already released their debut album ‘Sunken’ and won themselves an opening slot for Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys. So, for Twin Peaks to live up their hype they had to come back strong… Now, it’s time to sit back, get comfortable, and immerse yourself into the appealingly dysfunctional world of ‘Wild Onion’.

‘Wild Onion’ darts from one juxtaposed track to another, making it near physically impossible to pin-point where this genre-defying album is at. First highlighting this juxtaposition of song directions is the pure, rocky atmosphere oozing from ‘Strawberry Smoothie’, which is immediately met by the contrasting lazy summer vibe shining from ‘Mirror Of Time’. A spanner is thrown into the works at this point, as both of these tracks are then overshadowed by a nod to psychedelia on ‘Strange World’ and ‘Stranger World’.

A quick burst of controlled chaos suddenly catches you off-guard, as Twin Peaks show of their immense capability of energy on ‘Fade Away’. Boasting razor-sharp guitar riffs and snarling vocals; this twist of sound is so sweet but extremely short, as the rip-roaring energy of ‘Fade Away’ lasts only two minutes before ‘Wild Onion’quickly takes a calmer root for following track ‘Sweet Thing’.

With two different vocalists taking turns in the driver’s seat of ‘Wild Onion’, the firm friends that make up Twin Peaks have managed to produce an innovative breath of fresh air. Accompanying the two contrasting voices are the complementary mood-swings taking the form of ‘No Way Out’ and following track ‘Hold On’. The latter produces a delicately smooth sound of relaxation, while ‘No Way Out’ highlights a ravenous hunger for passion. Putting these two completely unique tracks together is a risky, genius move by Twin Peaks which should be applauded.

‘Wild Onion’ draws to a close as an almost nostalgic sounding ‘Mind Frame’ fades out; leaving both your mind bubbling and your mouth wide open in amazement. The second album from Twin Peaks proves that this band is worth all the hype they’re getting, and deserve so much more attention than they’ve already achieved. Both ‘Wild Onion’ and Twin Peaks themselves are something seriously special; you can feel it in your bones.

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