Music | West Coast by Lana Del Rey


Long live the queen Lana Del Rey and her sultry, dark and dreamy new track ‘West Coast‘, which premiered on Radio 1 this morning. (14/04/14)

Since the explosion of her debut ‘Born To Die‘ in 2012; this inspirational woman seems unable to place a foot wrong when making her everlasting mark on the music industry.  2013 seen the release of her mesmeric and highly-acclaimed short-film ‘Tropico‘; upon which she starred as Eve, alongside Shaun Ross as Adam; sending shock-waves across the globe.  Straight off the back of ‘Tropico’; Del Rey kept the dream alive by announcing her follow up to ‘Born To Die’ as ‘Ultraviolence‘.  And then – we reach the ‘West Coast‘.

West Coast‘ is one of Lana Del Rey’s ultimate vocal performances; pairing sensitivity with raunchiness and creating a euphoric, woozy atmosphere from the on-set.  “Down on the west coast/they got us saying/if you’re not drinking/then you’re not playing“; she swoons; desperately caressing the heart of the listener she holds forevermore in her palm.

The track itself seems to shift from darkness into the sunlight and back again; through the growing, mysterious marriage between the guitar riff , synthesizer and the howling backing vocals; making this track so unique.  We can finally begin to understand the depth of Lana Del Rey’s mind, as she opens the door for a moment; and we delve into the beauty and destruction that is forming around her.

The message of ‘West Coast‘ is a pre-warning of the storm ‘Ultraviolence‘ will be creating.  Riots will see the people flocking to Lana Del Rey’s feet and begging her for mercy; but really, is that such a bad thing?


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